As young girls, we are raised to believe that we are equal to men. We are taught that our voices are just as important as the voice of men. So why is it that our voices are ignored and our rights threatened in the Oval Office by a group of old men? The belief that our fight for equal rights is “over” is a misconception of which most are unaware.

It is undeniable that women in the United States have come a long way from where we used to be. But we shouldn’t forget that women haven’t had the right to vote for 100 years. The wage-gap wasn’t addressed in legislation until 1963. Rapists who target and violate vulnerable young women can and do serve as little as three months. The fear that our President instills in women is profound in the way it provoked protest on the very first day of his term. When we observe the struggles that women have gone through for us to attain the rights that we have in the eyes of the law, it is understandable and justified to harbor fear for those rights with a leader so outwardly chauvinistic.

Speaking of the rights we have in the eyes of the law, technically they’re not equal. The Equal Rights Amendment was first introduced in 1923 and continued to be introduced until 1970. It was passed in the House and Senate, but was not ratified by the states, as it was still three states short of the 38 votes needed. The amendment reads, “Section 1. Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex. Section 2. The Congress shall have the power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions of this article. Section 3. This amendment shall take effect two years after the date of ratification.” America is the only developed nation not to have the equal rights of the sexes written into federal legislation.

We are also one of the seven United Nations countries not to ratify the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) (an international treaty somewhat like a bill of rights for women adopted by the United Nations in 1979) along with Palau, Somalia, Iran, Holy See, Sudan, and Tonga. To say that women in the United States truly have equal rights under the law is debatable as we don’t actually have a piece of legislation that says we do, and because of that human rights groups (not just groups of angry feminists) are still pushing for the ERA to become the law.

While the mission to attain equal rights lies mostly in the need for it to be written into our Constitution, the struggle has a lot to do with social inequalities. Women are raised and taught to aspire to marriage, and for some reason this isn’t an emphasis in raising males. With this mindset, it’s not surprising that so many women abandon their careers for motherhood. And this sacrifice should be respected greatly. But perhaps if girls were raised to understand that they can have careers and be good wives and mothers or if it were more acceptable for men to be stay-at-home caretakers, we would see more women in positions of power and influence within our government.

While women make up over 50 percent of the U.S. population, only 20 percent of Congress seats are women. It is unfair that so few women are able to represent the interests and rights of women in Congress. The disproportionate representation approaches injustice when men begin to try and legislate a woman’s right to her own reproductive choices while few women have the ability to defend those rights.

I am grateful for the rights and privileges that I have as a citizen of the United States, but my rights and representation are not equitable. Anything less than equality is not to be accepted, and it’s necessary that we continue to demand equality more than ever as the new administration begins to challenge the rights we have. As citizens and witnesses of inequality we owe it to ourselves, the heroic suffragettes who started this fight, and our society to increase women’s representation in government. By encouraging more women to run for office, protest peacefully, make calls and write letters to legislators, advocate and inform people on issues, and push ourselves to take action against the inequalities we face we can and will accomplish the equality we deserve.

Author: Danae Ing


  1. I’m no trump supporter but id like to see you address the fact that he won white women by a strong majority, whether women are truly unequal is besides the point when they chose to vote based on a fear of foreigners and the desperate search for the return of production in America.

    • Your point makes sense but it is completely irrelevant to the topic that was written about. Trump was not a topic in this topic so your inquiry is not pertinent to this article at all. Feel free to read the other comments as to how you should rephrase your comment.

      • “The fear that our President instills in women is profound in the way it provoked protest on the very first day of his term”. Trump was a topic in this article and he is an elected official that was elected partially by white women, the same people you claim feel disadvantaged and misrepresented in our democracy.

  2. As much as our country LOVES to brag about how we have “equal” rights for all it’s sadly not the truth. Where are the “equal” rights for people without the Y chromosome? Law says they exist, but facts of employment and opportunity say otherwise.

    • You’re right. How can our country consider myths like a wage gap actual issues and not talk about the fact that men are put in prison longer than women, or the fact that women are more likely to get employed than men? Women truly don’t have equal rights after all.

      • RT this man knows what he’s talking about.

        If a man and a woman divorce, the court is almost certain to give custody to the mother, which is actual sexism, unlike this article’s fake “sexism”

      • RT this man knows what he’s talking about.

        If a man and a woman divorce, the court is almost certain to give custody to the mother, which is actual sexism, unlike this article’s fake “sexism”

        PS that elevator story was feminist propaganda, ILY

    • OH poor me! I am offended that I don’t work as hard, we have an unfair constitution, it hates all women, all blacks, all Hispanics, all Asians, and anyone whom isn’t a white privileged male. WAAAAAA
      White men are all Racists and hate minorities. I DIDN’t GET MY WAY!!!! WAAAAAAAAA

    • Women have the same rights as men, if not more. Also, women make up around more than half of the voting populous, meaning they have a substantial role in electing leaders, and when given that choice of voting, women choose those same ‘old men running the country’. Before you want to make such a bold claim, do your research. Women are getting upset that they are “marginalized” and “held back” from opportunities since they are women, yet they are the main ones voting for corrupt government over fair government. Facts B.

  3. Your piece talks about how women are not equal under the law, despite what the 14th amendment clearly states that citizens of the United States have equal protection under the law. Since this has not been infringed, your argument is about how young girls are raised, which has nothing to do with civil rights. Every parent decides how to raise their child. Its up to the parent to encourage their children to be a home parent or empower them to be successful in the professional world. And beyond that, everyone has the free will to go and run for office or be a stay at home parent. If women make up 50% of the United States’ population, then they are not a minority. Donald Trump hasn’t done a thing to take away rights from American citizens and he will continue to not take away rights.

  4. I hope you realize it is not a mans job to give up his spot in congress so that a woman can have it just because she is a woman if she is equally as qualified it doesn’t matter what gender they are. That’s not how this works. And beside that, if so called progressive movements which are out there are truly for equal rights and they tackle all issues like they say they do, then why do thy never talk about how men are committing suicide in rates, significantly higher than women? Maybe why they havent talked about how men are more likely to be homeless in their lifetime than women? Or how if a man is raped by a woman and he gets her pregnant she can legally sue him for child support, Even if he is a minor? If you point out ACTUAL injustices for women in today’s society aside from the occasional cat all I will agree with you, If all that you brought to the table to argue your point was, “we aren’t a part of a law that says women are equal to men” even though you are, your argument is really unconvincing.

      • Ah yes, why don’t you completely ignore her entire argument by using her ex-boyfriend as evidence because he believes she is “crazy”. Perhaps reread the article and reply using reputable sources.

        • Those comments weren’t posted by me, and while a little extreme, I do believe that they are better arguments than the ones posed in this article. The author’s claim that more than 50% of the country is made up of women and only 20% hold congress seats can be solved with one simple step: run for congress. More men run for congress than women do, leading to the inevitable fact that men will hold more seats. I’m not sure who you think is taking women’s rights away, many of us guys support equality. It just seems like we don’t because articles like this are posted and we reply with the truth only to be called sexist. How little girls are raised have nothing to do with inequality in America, it is how their parents want to raise them. The wage gap is not what you think it is, there are many factors that play into the pay of both men and women. Every single American woman has the right to run for office. Rape goes both ways; many of men are raped by women, or are accused of false rape. Nowhere does it say that women are not equal. Please read the 14th amendment.

  5. maybe if women want more government representation they should demonstrate more of a willingness to run for office?? statistical disparity doesn’t equate to oppression.

  6. This article is 80% fluff.

    There are some interesting arguments that the author could have made, such as the number of women in corporate leadership positions Instead of focusing on how women are actually treated, the article mentions an obscure treaty and a federal law loophole of sorts. The author seems to care more about using big words than she does about presenting a convincing argument. To top it all off, the entire piece is riddled with grammar errors.

    This article is an accurate representation of the decreasing quality of Metea Media as a whole.

  7. This article is completely false and does not provide a single piece of evidence. Maybe if you research more into the false gender gap myth then I will appreciate the insight in “sexism” in America.

    But I’m not sexist. Being sexist is wrong, and being wrong is for women

    • You’re right. If someone accuses a man of rape, even if there’s no basis, even if he’s found innocent, his life is ruined. He will be shut out of society, and there have even been cases of men being fired from false rape allegations. The whole view of women as perpetual victims abused by the other gender is breaking our society. Meanwhile, there have been instances of women raping men, then being able to sue them for child support from the resulting pregnancy.

    • Oh, you mean 8% of all reported rapes, not even counting those which went unreported because of shame? And no, it shouldn’t just affect men, women can also be rapists. We all have the same capacity to be despicable, as well as the same capacity to be kind.

    • You act like we can only discuss one issue. Why not appreciate the perspective this article is trying to shed light on rather than trying to make it about men and dismissing the bulk of the article? Both issues are important, so why don’t you write an article about that if it’s so important to you?

      • There isn’t a single article about problems men face in there everyday life. This article isn’t shedding any new light but instead its demonizing men. Look at cases like Jay Cheshire and see how much power women have. A 17 year old teen was accused of rape and was found not guilty, he later killed himself. His mother Karin Cheshire killed herself to on the sons 1st death anniversary.

  8. I never truly understand what this article, or feminists in general, fight for half the time. Is it defending one human being’s right to kill another (abortion), or to bring the almost-impossible-to-measure wage gap myth to people’s attention?

    Instead of trying to falsely label every little thing as “women’s rights”, help women who are actually being persecuted, such as in many Muslim countries where women can’t drive or even leave their house without their husband.

  9. i guess 50.8 percent is a minority now… I love all the cited sources as well. you can break these arguments down with logic let alone all the statistics as well, i laugh at your inability to google.

  10. Women don’t make as much because they take time off for their families more than men do, they don’t work as long and therefore don’t get as much done. The wage gap is a myth, no real economist takes it seriously, men work more challenging, strenuous jobs, which is why they make more. If there is actual evidence of a bias, you can file a lawsuit. Stop using these buzzwords as an excuse because you decided to major in gender studies and are frustrated when you don’t receive a 6 figure paycheck

  11. It’s funny to me that so many of these people denying any sexism in America feel the need to add a sexist joke, as if that somehow saves them face. How can people deny that sexism exists. Just because you haven’t experienced something first hand, or maybe just didn’t notice sexism when it was right in front of you, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Women are quickly going to lose rights to their own body under Adolf Trump, and if someone losing their rights to their body isn’t oppression, I don’t know what you people consider oppression. Is no one going to address the disgusting outcome of the Brock Turner case? You people really don’t think his 3 month sentence had ANYTHING to do with the fact that he was a privileged white boy going to Yale? Nine out of ten american rape victims are women. And a big chunk of those victims come under fire from ignorant knuckle-draggers that refuse to admit that they’re sexist in any way.

    • Not one single person has denied that sexism exists, it does not exist here in America. It exists in the Middle East where a girl can have acid poured on her face without ridicule. Sexism does not exist in America because white women don’t get what they want. The idea of rape culture and the requirement of safe spaces is ludicrous. Brock Turner is not able to be defended but the amount of false accusations that lead to sentences lasting years to a lifetime far outweigh the few legitimate mistakes. It has nothing with the fact he was white, it was the case that was difficult. Many companies will likely take a woman over a man with the same credentials to diversify their workforce. Women have more rights than men in America period. I CHALLENGE YOU to find a right in court that a man has that a woman doesn’t. Women are given custody of a child almost all of the time even when they are the reason for the divorce. A man shouldn’t have to pay up to $100,000 to have custody of THEIR OWN child. If want to say that women aren’t payed as much and can’t pay the ‘fine’ then that is not because of the wage gap, that is flat-out wrong. Women are payed less, that is true, but that is across a broad spectrum of all jobs and positions. Women tend to work less hours to take care of their kids and to start families, that tends to happen in their thirties or younger. They also begin to work part time and/or no overtime. Working for more hours will lead to promotion regardless of gender and race, not for being a man. Comparing Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler is outright childish and uneducated. I didn’t know he called for a master race and the extinction of anyone who isn’t white. He has said nothing racist or sexist. He never called Mexicans rapists, he said that illegal immigrants, often those from Mexico, tend to commit more sexual assault and harassment and that he said that is easily preventable through stronger borders. The ban on Muslims’ visas is only temporary and is clearly related to the fact that that over 60% of Muslims in the UK which has let more Muslims in than us, hold radical beliefs. Those are undeniable FACTS. Those are the same Muslims and other ‘refugees’ that have been infected by ISIS and have made Sweden the rape capital of the world. He is protecting the wome and children of the US.

      BLM argument for future article.

  12. Why are there so many angry comments? Yeah, some of the information may be off: such as the wage gap. But I think that the last sentence of the article is actually very nice, there isn’t full equality yet but we are making a nice progression towards it and should encourage women to fight for those jobs. I just think that some people took a look at the title and blew it into some giant SJW mess when it really wasn’t that bad.

  13. There is really so much lacking from this article. As much as I respect that there are some things women are limited to if dug deep enough into, this states none of them with any good evidence.

    First off, “So why is it that our voices are ignored and our rights threatened in the Oval Office by a group of old men?” what rights are being threatened? As far as I’m concerned other than in plain bold writing that WOMEN ARE EQUAL, not rights are being infringed upon. When was the last time being female stopped you from doing something that men have a right to? And here, “The wage-gap wasn’t addressed in legislation until 1963.” I’m sorry but there is so much false information around the existence of a wage gap, it cannot even be argued anymore.”Rapists who target and violate vulnerable young women can and do serve as little as three months.” You wanna talk about rapists, well consider every female rapist who has falsely accused men of rape. This ruins their lives over nothing. There are even cases in which men have been forced into intercourse over a treat. So 1 case that let a rapist go does not exclude all others that go against it. Finally “The fear that our President instills in women is profound in the way it provoked protest on the very first day of his term.” just save this for another article or people to get triggered over. Trump has never been proven to say anything sexist except for the fact that Hillary was his opponent.
    Thank you for considering a female, freshman’s opinion.

  14. James, you need Jesus my friend. Do some Resarch before u go commenting this bull stuff. Trump wants the best for America, even though his sexist comments he wants the best and is not hiding it like Killary Clinton. Look up my dumb friend

  15. this article is lit. the only thing i even disagree with is is the idea that women are raised thinking that they’re equal to men because if there’s one thing you learn as a child in america it’s that you’re not and 99% of these comments are proof of the ignorance about sexism that’s still blatantly present in america today

  16. “While women make up over 50 percent of the U.S. population, only 20 percent of Congress seats are women. It is unfair that so few women are able to represent the interests and rights of women in Congress.”

    I personally agree that women should be more active in politics, especially with uncertainty surrounding reproductive rights, but the only people us women have to blame for not being more active in politics are ourselves. No one is holding a gun to your head and saying that because you are a woman, your voice doesn’t deserve to be heard and you shouldn’t be involved in policy-making. If you want more women in politics, you should become more involved yourself!

    This is the same flawed argument that I’ve found with the whole ‘we need more women in science’ debate. If you as an individual are too afraid to risk someone or a group of people saying you aren’t capable of something, how passionate were you about that something in the first place? Encouraging is one thing, but don’t give up solely because the path to success might be riddled with disapproval or judgement. The “best” (arguably) kind of people in our society don’t let others hold them back.


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