The annual “Break The Ice” competition was held at Waubonsie Valley High School last Friday. The event consists of different performances that include singing, dancing, and to end it all, a fashion show. It was a full house, and if the audience’s roars and clapping were any indicators, all those who attended the show thoroughly enjoyed it.

Many students from Metea were involved in BTI, and all who were part of it delivered bold and fun performances. The months leading up to each of the performances were filled with hard work and a lot of preparation, but in the end, everyone had fun and left it all out on the stage.

“Our group started preparing in November, and we would have practice about once a week or once every other week,” said freshman Reeti Nagayach, who was part of a group called “Dil Se Naach.” “It was really fun since you got to hang out with friends. It got stressful towards the end, but it was really exciting, and I’d look forward to doing it next year.”

Although a fun experience to most, it was a bittersweet ending for the seniors, some of who had been involved in BTI for several years.

“I’ve seen these girls practice and perform in this dance since sophomore year, and I’ve attended BTI since freshman year,” said senior Safa Shaik, who was part of a group called “Naach Ke Dekha.” “I’ve been at every practice and I’ve seen how much effort and dedication goes into each dance. Getting to be a part of the last song this year was an amazing opportunity, and I am so thankful they included me in with no hesitation.”

Senior Heer Shah has been part of BTI for several years, and has helped choreographed the dances. “It’s definitely one of the best things I’ve participated in throughout high school, and I will miss performing on stage with my best friends,” Shah said.

In addition to presenting a great show and creating a fun but competitive atmosphere, the program is also for a generous cause. “All of the proceeds for BTI go to ‘Girl Rising,’ an amazing organization that works to educate all girls,” Shah said. “BTI gets hundreds of dollars every year to donate.”

BTI has proven to be extremely successful, and the event has plans to continue every year.

Author: Sameen Ali


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