Want a chance to win a free Starbucks gift card? All you have to do it write a 250+ word article to be featured on the editorial page for the February issue of The Stampede. Your article can be about any appropriate topics (some ideas are listed below). The contest begins today and will end on February 23. The winning article will be chosen on February 23 by eighth period. All articles submitted will be considered and may be used in future issues. 

Possible ideas: Black History month awareness, politics, gun violence, etc. 

Submit your article here: 



You must currently be an enrolled Metea Valley student in order to participate.  All entries must be appropriate and follow school conduct. Any inappropriate entries will be disregarded. Any person who violates any rule or uses fraudulent means in order to gain an unfair advantage will be disqualified.  Disrespectful, disruptive, harassing, or threatening behavior is grounds for disqualification.  Students enrolled in Metea Valley’s News Journalism course are not eligible to win.  The Stampede Editorial Board, along with guidance from the adviser, will interpret these rules and resolve any disputes regarding the contest.  The Stampede’s decisions concerning any disputes will be final.

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