Just in the last week, four fights broke out among students in our school. Yes, we walk around school or go to class and hear that there was a fight during the passing period before. But through the glory of social media, we don’t have to just “hear” about it, we get to see it.

These fights were posted online, shared, and retweeted hundreds of times. They pushed one student to change the “F” in Metea’s “LIFE” mantra from “Foster positive relationships” to “Fights” and post it on Twitter. They received so much attention that accounts such as @ThirtySecFights reposted these videos on its account to receive attention from its own 750,000 followers… great.

The problem doesn’t lie in those accounts, however, the problem is with students who think it’s okay to post these videos on social media. Social media is a great platform for sharing and entertaining others with funny videos or pictures. There are harmless videos we can share that are at an “America’s Funniest Home Videos” level. That is entertainment, students fist fighting each other is not.

Obviously, fist fighting is an ignorant way to solve a problem, and it definitely is not meant to be glorified through Snapchat stories and clips on social media. Fights are extremely rare at our school, so posting them on social media and sharing these fights shows a lack of pride and respect for our school.

There have been more fights in the last week than there have been the entire school year: this is not common. Maybe these people do not respect or hold as much pride in Metea and know what it stands for, but fist fighting is absolutely not a part of our culture. We shouldn’t make it seem like it is.

Our students and school have many accomplishments. Why are we putting ourselves in the spotlight for something so negative? In the same week of the fights, we had music students attend the all-state music conference, the cheerleading team qualified for state, and seven art students were given a golden award to compete nationally. Be proud to go to a school with such a diverse community that has achieved so many great successes.

It’s embarrassing that a very small number of students think it’s okay to fight one another and create such a bad reputation for the school. The last week was filled with exciting moments for Metea Valley, but the fights that occurred definitely were not one of these highs. They were shameful and sad for the community.

Metea is a school of high respect: we need to take pride in that. Stop sharing these videos and next time you see a fight, rather than taking out your phone, go find an adult to stop it. Students share these videos on social media for the purpose of racking up retweets and gaining followers, but capturing a school fist fight is not the way to entertain your Twitter and Snapchat followers. In the moment, the fight may seem cool and reckless, but I’m sure the people fighting didn’t feel too cool or reckless afterward as they were handcuffed and taken in a paddy wagon to the police station.

Now in my eighth and final semester, seeing people quote these videos with “Go Go Mustangs” makes me furious, this is not what the school I am so proud to attend is or has been about.

Let’s not submit immature posts like “Metearaq” to be posted on the Illinois Smack High account. Let’s not instigate or promote fights by taking out our phones to video tape. Let’s not describe ourselves by the actions of only a few students, less than .003 percent of our student population. Let’s promote and recognize our school like the incredible institution that it truly is.

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  1. I think it’s pretty rude and ignorant of you to refer to these kids who got into fights as people who don’t respect nor understand Metea or METEA LIFE.

    These are students of our school, and while yes, they got in a fight, it was a mistake. And hopefully they’ll learn a lesson from it. But discouraging them and writing against them isn’t going to fix the problem, nor is it going to help them. They’ve already been humiliated with stupid people posting their videos online. Maybe this article should be directed more towards the bystanders who stand there and do nothing but record, rather than those who engage.

    Everyone involved is at fault. We can’t just blame two students for an entire school’s culture.

  2. Of course these fights are an outrage to hear about. By taking on physically violent behaviors at a young again, the fighters are putting marks on their permanent social records. Police will have eyes on these kinds of people, they always do. So fighting at this age isn’t just dangerous, it’s also life ruining.

  3. about 9/12 kids say that seeing a fight makes them uncomfortable. However, about only 3/12 kids actually feel this way. We need to stop fighting. It solves nothing. Kids are being taken away in handcuffs. This is terrible, and needs to stop.

  4. We cannot blame the kids for these fights and brawls. It was a FULL MOON! A FULL MOON! Full moons are proven to cause hormonal imbalances which can throw off a person’s personality and reactions to everyday disappointments. DON’T BLAME THE KIDS, IT’S A FULL MOON. However, if it was a waning moon then these kids would need to be punished severely as they would be purposefully going against the moon cycle. SO I REPEAT, DO NOT BLAME THE KIDS FOR THE FIGHTS. IT WAS A FULL MOON. :-(((

    • First, let me say that this “full moon” idea is not grounded in science what so ever. Just because two variables happen in a certain way does not mean that one caused the other. Let me spell this out: CORRELATION DOES NOT MEAN CAUSATION. there is no pure scientific proof that states that the full moon has an affect on human behavior. According to livescience.com (link to the site at the bottom) the full moon has no effect on the amount of emergency room and psychiatric visits during nights of the full moon verses any other night. The articular on the effects of the full moon is very fascinating and I would highly encourage anyone who wants to post about the full moon to read it before posting facts that are based on superstition and not hard science. (I understand that this may be a joke but then don’t waste my time with these posts.)


      • I never made you read this comment nor did I ever make you reply to it. I never wasted your time with a funny comment, that was a joke; you wasted your own time.

    • Okay, first of all, this “full moon” stuff is just a myth made up for entertainment. And second, there were 4 FIGHTS that week. I’m pretty sure a full moon cannot occur 4 times in one week.

  5. In response to Conner’s comment, it’s a common misconception that the full moon causes the greatest hormonal imbalances. However, THE GREATEST IMBALANCES ARE CAUSED BY THE WANING GIBBOUS STAGE OF THE MOON CYCLE NOT THE FULL MOON!! These “brawls” are absolutely not justified by the moon’s cycles!!

    • You’re wrong Mr. Long. The FULL MOON makes people go crazy. You’re probably just saying all of that nonsense about the WANING GIBBOUS because of the FULL MOON!

      • I get that he is wrong about the moon cycles, but still, these brawls are not justified by the moons cycles. (And P.S. The full moon throwing off people’s behaviors isn’t really real, its just a legent :/)

  6. I’ve recently conducted an AQI test on the air of Metea Valley High School and I’ve found an extremely infuriating piece of information. I’ve concluded that the air in MVHS has extreme amounts of baking soda which has been said to cause hormonal imbalances within teenagers. This baking soda has infiltrated the lungs of many students of MVHS and was placed into the air vents by many of our faculty that we look up to as care givers and role models. One fellow researcher has evidence that he witnessed a DA placing baking soda in the air vents which then is transported throughout the entire school. Obviously, this baking soda is the reason for all of these fights recently. Therefore, I believe that we should ban all baking soda from schools in the entire state as they are the CAUSE of all fights at METEA.

    • ***PSA***
      I just wanted to let the student body of Metea Valley know that Jake Toepfer is NOT a reliable source and cannot be trusted. I did a little research and it was found that people who claim that baking soda is harmful often are under the influence of baking soda and might become hostile in their words. This also includes an obsession with the substance. Be advised, IF he tries to contact you or get you to join his cause do not engage. This might result in major harm to you and your well being as well as piece of mind.

  7. This article is quite troubling to read. In all honesty, most students that I’ve talked to and even some staff seem to agree that Metea Valley’s Staff is a little easy on these kids. Most of the freshman that fought that week will be back to school sometime soon, I bet, if they’re not already. This school does not seem to have an enforced “zero tolerance” rule at all. On behalf of a handful of students AND staff, please start disciplining the kids that are making our school have a “bad light”.

    • I get where you’re going with this, but zero tolerance policies also have some serious downsides to them, and bringing those downsides to our school might to more harm than help. I am not saying that they shouldn’t enforce the rules, I’m just saying to please reconsider the positive and negative consequences of a full-effect zero tolerance policy.

  8. I agree with Stephen. I get it, fighting is not the answer. But why alienate the kids and make it seem like they don’t belong here at all? Let’s be real. The people that get into fights do it because nobody was there to teach them there’s another way. They feel like they HAVE to fight, or else they will be seen as weak. There is something deeper than “not respecting the Metea lifestyle”. It could be a broken family, a lack of a father figure, seeing/growing up around violence, etc. But guess what? there are a handful of other kids not living that LIFE too, only difference is, it’s not being posted for everyone to see and criticize.

    And honestly, we can’t stop people from posting fights any more than we can stop someone from calling a kid “fat”. It’s just not realistic. We’re teenagers, not rational, mature, studious pupils who are going to turn a blind eye to the next all-out brawl. Sorry, high school doesn’t work like that.

    But what we CAN do is try to reason with the people who feel the need to put their fists up anytime someone bumps into them or “threatens their dominance”…or something like that (Idk what makes people throw hands, man, I personally would never lay a finger on anyone.) Foster positive relationships, right? Maybe let’s help them..

  9. hello. I would first like to point out fighting has been a massive problem solver throughout history, you know the thousands of years humans have nonstop been in war. Second, fighting is a cultural thing throughout my family and many truly prideful citizens in any country who would rather deal with you personally than have air coming from someone who cant mind their own business. In america freedom of speech used to matter, and action meant more. Answer this when the sheeple start cowering are you really going to be intolerant of our culture then. no you’ll just shut up and let us free. you’re attempts at stymieing human nature, as with the Romans, and any other long flourished society will show you how ignorant you were and unprepared.

  10. I keep going back to our LIFE statement, which I strongly believe embodies everything Metea Valley should be and truly is. Living with integrity should be the foundation of not only how we assert ourselves in the hallways, but how we choose to live our life outside of the confines of Metea. Perhaps the most disheartening part of these unfortunate incidences is the fact that there are people standing by watching, taping, and in some cases encouraging the acts of violence. Living with integrity in these situations means being the bigger person and trying to encourage some of your struggling peers to find alternative ways to deal with their differences.

  11. Find a new word, because saying people who fist fight are “ignorant” is the wrong word choice. Just because people decide the best way to solve their problems is to fight does not make them ignorant. So find a new word, thanks!

  12. I would say people who fist fight are extremely ignorant, immature, and have no respect for both the school and their peers around them. I do not care if you see them as “victims”, they are too immature to see any consequence beyond the next five minutes. They cannot find a solution other than physical altercation which makes them both ignorant and immature. Also if all they do is fight with other students, then they have no respect for themselves nor the people around them who may become weary of coming to school which should be a safe place for all students. So to you Brianna, I would say you as well are ignorant for not knowing what ignorant means.

    • Just because people get pushed beyond their limits and don’t know how to deal with their emotions in a moment DOES NOT make them ignorant! Ignorant means uneducated! It means a lack of knowledge. Sure maybe they lack the knowledge of knowing how to deal with a situation when their emotions get the best of them but everybody messes up sometimes! They do not deserve for you to sit here and call them names because they had a bad day! Yes maybe they are immature but they don’t deserve all the crap you are giving them!!! And it is extremely RUDE of you to sit and call Brianna ignorant just because she has a different opinion than you. Some people have anger issues and they feel as if they need to prove themselves sometimes. Even though they don’t. Its something they have to think through and learn! So don’t be inconsiderate. Think about how they might have felt in that moment and how they feel now!

  13. Okaaaay I’m just confused on why you are so offended by people saying Metearaq
    like what is the conflict like why does it have to be a “bad” thing

    • First of all, Metearaq is extremely offensive as it represents metea in a terrible light. We do not want any jokes being thrown around as if Metea is a bad school with bad students. Only a couple students decided that they were too immature and hot headed that, and we should not just start saying Metea is a war zone or anything like that. If that phrase gets too out of hand, then people will not come to our sporting events, performances, and competitions as much. As they believe it will be an unsafe environment which will decrease revenue for many of our popular clubs, teams, etc. So, Amaya I hope you now understand the consequences of being too dimwitted to start labeling our school as a war zone or “metearaq”. Additionally, if you did not know why it is a bad thing… the “raq” at the end of MeteaRAQ is representative of IRAQ. Iraq is a country which is extremely corrupt, in turmoil, and is in constant conflict because of the unruly Islamic extremists who currently control the region.

    • People are offended by others saying “Metearaq” because its obviously coming from “Chiraq” which is a mix of Chicago and Iraq made to show how much violence and hate is coming from the city to the point where people believe that its equal to Iraq and the Middle East’s violence. I find the fighting entertaining as anyone else would, but that’s just doing way too much and immature.

  14. Im just really bothered by the fact that you had to put the students on blast by saying “I’m sure the people fighting didn’t feel too cool or reckless afterward as they were handcuffed and taken in a paddy wagon to the police station.” when they were just having a bad day.

  15. This is outrageous. Excellent article, Drew danko. Jane strange– “a bad day”?! Come ON! From preschool to high school to “the real world”, physical violence is never tolerated. Kids, keep your hands to yourselves. To the spectators of such brawling, grow up and get help to stop the fight. Stand up for others. To those outraged by their friends’ videotaping and posting of these items on social media, feel free to tag them. Their inaction is sure to pop up on the radar of every college and/or career interviewer, and they can kiss those scholarships and internships goodbye. Yes, academic institutions and Fortune 500 firms investigate applicants on social media, so you’d better watch yourselves. Strive to be better humans.

  16. I completely agree. As a dedicated Mustang, this is embarrassing on behalf my school and spreading videos via social media is not the right way to handle it. This is immature-after all, this is a school that has been nationally recognized and has gained so much respect. I really hope this week marks the end of this BS-this especially doesn’t reflect our LIFE statement whatsoever and all our culture/diversity.

  17. Just because people fight doesn’t make them ignorant or immature. I’m sure you’re all familiar with the saying “actions speak louder than words”. Just telling somebody to stop doing something isn’t going to work, especially in high school. If somebody keeps messing with you, I think its perfectly okay to stand up and use physical actions to do so. I’m not saying to go around and start fights, but if you’re being picked on, it’s okay to stand your ground and fist fight.

  18. Lol everyone is taking these fights way to serious and getting offended for no reason, when this has nothing to do with them. It’s high school there is bound to be fights, no matter what school you go to, whether it’s “ghetto” or not. Everyone needs to chill, ya’ll taking this more far than you should.

    • Okay, I sort of agree with part of your comment. Some (okay, okay, quite a few) students like to watch school fights and stuff like that, and thats OKAY for part of the issue, your not doing anything wrong or being a “bad person” for taking interest in it. But just don’t film it or post vids, especially not to entertain followers. You can post a comment about it on ur facebook wall and say like, omg there was a school fight 2day or something like that. IF you know your followers won’t go like omg post a vid about it or im unfollowing or something. Also on second thought, I do actually agree that people are taking their anger out way too much. I know they don’t like the fights and want them to stop, and I agree with them, to an extent. I don’t like them either and also want them to stop. But some of these people are just overreacting, as if they WERE in the fight THEMSELVES or something. They are just making the situation worse, in a way. Those people are (in a certain way) starting to turn the people that enjoy fights and themselves against each other, like on two different sides.

  19. The hypocrisy of Metea’s Zero Tolerance policy is quite large. How long have these kids been gone from school? A week? And they’ll probably be back by next week, or heck even this friday! Last year, I was harassed by another student constantly, but he wasn’t suspended or even given a detention! I made a threat to him out of frustration, and I get suspended for a month. Unbelieveable

    • Bro,you played yourself m8. The only person you’ve got to blame is yourself. You knew that someone was harassing you,and what did you do? Nothing. I’m sorry, but the staff at Metea aren’t psychic. You played yourself, bro.

      • Dude, come on. He probably did tell someone. From facts I researched online, about 80 percent of the time teachers don’t notice bullying, even when it occurs right in their faces, either that or the teachers call it “kidding around”, despite the handbook’s policy “nothing will be considered normal and will be investigated” and blah blah blah. and then a very small portion of the time, teachers will make an effort to solve the problem, and the rest of the time teachers just say “stop!” like thats gonna do anything. Then when retaliation comes, the retaliator gets into trouble?!?!?!

  20. You all act like diversity is a good thing… metea has the most suspensions in the district and it’s not like we have the best test scores either. Smash diversity. Smash culture Marxism!

  21. HOW IS IT NECESSARY?! Kids get expelled for this kind of stuff!!! what is so happy about that?!?! All that does is make this school turn into a big war zone!!

  22. School fights always gets me in good mood. I don’t know why y’all say it hurts other people even though it really doesn’t. The only person it hurts is the one getting beat up. Most people in our school love school fights, especially freshman. So basically u can only stand for yourself when u say, School fights make me uncomfortable, or it makes me mad when school fights. Stop lying, y’all know u like it, and if u didn’t, u wouldn’t watch the fight. So yall can stop flexing saying fights hurt u, pshhh.

  23. You gotta love how everyone here is saying that “fighting is wrong” or “we need to stop this”,and I’m here like “Oh boy,I can’t wait for the next fight to break out.”

  24. Well here we are about a year later and the fight count has dropped greatly. We are at less than half of what if was by that time this year.

  25. School Fights, are normal; back in our parents days and before, teachers would almost never stop a dispute between high schoolers. They’d just let them fight it out, now society has de-evolved to coddle the weak by saying “Oh? So seeing this fight offends you? It triggers you does it? Ok, we’ll censor it like the media censors actual media coverage.” Fights are common place and happen regardless. SHOULD a student fight another student physically? No, if at all costs it should be avoided, BUT the counter argument is they’re gonna fight either way. Whether it now be on social media indirect or direct, or just a one time physical fight to get it all out. But at least Officer Coppes gets to see some S U P R E M E fights ;3

  26. School fights made our greatest generation stronger and less susceptible to threats like radical muslamic terrorism or illegal immigrants. This sissyfication of our generation shall not go unchecked.

    Make America Great Again!


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