Music groups from band, chorus and orchestra came together to perform pieces for the Music in our Schools Month concert last Tuesday and Thursday. Music in Our Schools Month (MIOSM) is a yearly celebration of the benefits music programs have in schools.

The Metea music department honored MIOSM with concerts from all group levels on two separate nights. The annual MIOSM concert is held close to the hearts of the music department and is a time to celebrate the Metea Music lifestyle and community.

“Metea Music for me means family. We are blessed with teachers who care for us as people, not just as musicians. Being a part of the choir program has introduced me to the most genuine people and some of my best friends,” junior and Chamber Singer member Tory Christian said.

During this month, students reflect what they like most about a high quality musical education. “Every day of rehearsal, I feel like I’m getting to know everyone without even saying a word, and you can’t get that from doing a partner problem in any math class,” senior and Wind Ensemble member Danny Dresser said.

MIOSM performances from half of the department’s classes and groups were held last Tuesday night in the auditorium. Groups such as Chamber Strings, Wind Ensemble and Chamber Singers performed Thursday evening.

While the final pieces from each group amazed the audience last week, it took hard work and dedication to get there.

“[It] is obviously a long process for any musician. We get our repertoire of music over the summer and start listening to recordings then, just to know what we have ahead of us for the year. These pieces take weeks of not just learning the notes, but also mastering the language, working cohesively with the other voice parts, and delivering a message through the music,” Christian said.

Even with MIOSM coming to a close at the end of March, students appreciate the opportunity for a musical education year round.  

“We’re fortunate to be around extremely talented people every day, and it’s inspiring to see what other students are capable of,” Dresser said.

Author: Chesney Wargo

Chesney is a writer who focuses on news journalism. She is a junior at Metea Valley High School who loves playing soccer. She is excited and looking forward to her first year on the Stampede staff.


  1. it’s interesting how lots of my peers can play instruments but in all honesty, this isn’t really classified as real music.

    Real music is Lil Pump. It is so unfortunate how so much of our society is mislead into believing that classical, or instrumental music in general, is more intricate than artists such as Lil Pump along with his colleagues SmokePurpp. When I listen to Lil Pump, I become so enlightened. Singles such as MOVIN’ emphasize the struggle of the working class. Pump exclaims, “WORK COME IN I’M MOVIN” highlighting the continuously busy lifestyle of the proletariat. Additionally, Lil Pump states “God told me Lil Pump a blessing!”, revealing the divine nature behind this extremely talented rapper. Contrast this to music at the MIOSM concert which is merely a series of tones manufactured by a man-made instrument where no significant message is present.


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