This summer, Lollapalooza is jam-packed with four days of fun-filled music and awesome memories with great friends. The 26th showing of the popular festival, Lolla is tapped to be one of the hottest tickets in town. With tickets on sale today, one thing remains unknown- the lineup. Online blogs and websites have broken down the flying gossip of artists to appear, yet the official lineup doesn’t appear until after initial ticket sales. Here are some rumored predictions for Lollapalooza artists slated to perform at Grant Park from August 3-6.


The Grammy-toting New Zealand singer has emerged from a three-year hiatus with teases of her sophomore album with singles ‘Green Light’ and ‘Liability’. She’s slated to take the stage at Coachella, Governor’s Ball and Bonnaroo, some of the biggest festivals in the country. With this schedule, seeing Lorde at Lolla would be no surprise. After her energetic 2014 set, she’s shown her worth to handle the festival’s biggest stage.

Chance the Rapper

Chicago’s golden boy would be an amazing addition to the lineup. After his stellar 2016 anchored by Grammy award winning album ‘Coloring Book’, Chance is red-hot. With a recently announced Spring Tour 2017 that mysteriously skipped a Chicago stop, his return to the Lolla stage would see Chicago welcome the hometown hero back with open arms. 


The English rock band dropped new album ‘DRONES’ in 2015, and has hinted at a follow-up in a similar vein to the hard rock project to drop soon. Interestingly enough, Muse frontman Matt Bellamy may have accidentally revealed that the band will be performing at the festival. When a Twitter user asked whether or not the group will be performing at the music festival, frontman Matt Bellamy responded “Yeah, I think so.”

The Chainsmokers

The frat bro duo has yet to release a full-length album, but that hasn’t stopped them from invading the airwaves with the likes of Daya and Halsey. With the Grammys in tow, the EDM group could certainly take a headlining spot in the lineup and pump up the crowd with their addicting beats and bops.

The Weeknd

Fresh off of the success of his sophomore album ‘Starboy,’ it’s hard to escape the sounds of the Weeknd, and at Lolla, hopefully this phenomenon will be no different. The Grammy-winning singer took the stage in 2014 and could headline the festival with the same ingenuity and energy he did before.   


A girl can dream, right?

Tickets go on sale on Lolla’s website today. 

Author: Brianna Powell


  1. I want to see logic rapping at Lolla but too bad I won’t be let in because I don’t think I can make it in 🙁

  2. Honestly, the Lollapalooza lineup this year is pretty vhack if you ask me. They really should have put my man Bharath Senthil from his successful hit “Succession” #GetYCOnDaTrack


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