What can you tell me about “donating your voice?”

You basically record yourself saying around 4,000 sentences, and they’re used to make customized digital voices for people who have lost theirs in accidents or from degenerative diseases. The company’s goal is to make people sound closer to what they would actually sound like, instead of a robot. It can also be done for people who know they will eventually lose their ability to speak. They can record their own voices so they will always sound like themselves.

How long was the process?

I’m about 3/4 done with the process. I’ve done it for a few weeks and I’ve probably spent around 10 hours recording. It’s super easy if you break it down into an hour or so each session.

What company are you doing this through?

I’m doing it through a website called “VocaliD.”

How did this opportunity come to you?

My mom sent me a Ted Talk about it that she found on Facebook, and I set up my account that night.

Author: Zainie Qureshi


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