This past Monday night, the JV and varsity boys water polo teams had their first games at home against Hinsdale South High School. The JV team won against Hinsdale South, winning 13-4. The varsity team also won its games against the Hornets, winning 20-7.

The varsity team started out strong in the beginning of its game with a 4-4 tie at the end of first quarter. Once the second quarter started, the boys added two more points onto their score. As the second quarter progressed, the boys held up a fierce defense against the Hornets, only allowing them to score once throughout the quarter.

“We really just want to improve from last year. Last year, we had our best season. We went 15-14-1, and this year we’re going to try to go up and above those expectations and kind of exceed,” senior Alex Smith said.

The boys started their second half of the game winning 11-5, but shortly scored a point within the first few seconds of the third quarter, making the score 12-5. Within the first couple minutes of the quarter, the team was able to score three more times and allowing Hinsdale South to only add another point to their score, finally winning 15-6.

“I’m really excited just for the journey ahead, and I feel like we can go really far in Sectionals this year. And we’ve got a lot of talent here already and I feel like we’ve got a really good foundation for the years to come too,” senior Max Chamberlain said.

As the third quarter of the game progressed and came to an extreme end, the boys were able to continue their strong offense and defense by increasing the score to a total of 18-6. As the fourth quarter came to a fast and intense ending, the team was able to add two last points to the scoreboard while the Hinsdale South Hornets were able to add one last point to the board as well, making the final score 20-7.

“Throughout the season, we’re just going to try to work hard, we’re gonna try to do all that we can together and try to do [all] that through teamwork,” Smith added.

Author: Kellie Foy

Kellie Foy is a sophomore at Metea Valley, who is excited to start her first year on the Stampede as a new sports writer. She adores animals, adventures, books, and music. She admires being apart of school spirit and going to sporting events. Kellie is anticipated for her future successes as a writer in and out of The Stampede.



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