Staffers from News and Yearbook Journalism attended the National High School Journalism Convention, held in Seattle, Washington from April 6-9. This is one of three stories in a series called “Sights and Sounds of Seattle” documenting their trip.

Visitors and locals visit Seattle’s Pike Place Market for their beautiful flowers on Friday, April 7. Flowers symbolize something different for each person and Pike Place offers a variety of flowers in numerous colors. Each person was there for a different reason and we asked them all the same question: Why did you buy flowers today?

“The flowers remind me of spring and I wish it was sunny out,” Dana said.

“My dear friend Nicki bought them for me as a gift, she is visiting me from San Diego. [The flowers] are a nice gesture from a close friend. We were just admiring them and this is her first time visiting Seattle so I was giving her a tour,” Meili Cady said.

“We are on vacation, and what girl doesn’t like flowers,” Danielle said.

“We only have known each other for 11 months, but when it’s right, it’s right,” Lori Magaro said.



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